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Make more books!

Here in Toronto we are approaching the end of summer. Or at least, the end of the summer as it is known to students and school teachers, since really, September 1 has been the designated start of the NEW YEAR in academic terms (at least for farmers it's always been this way, and the urbanites have followed suit according to this Reader's Digest article). As it stands, the days are long and hot here. I hope wherever you are, dear reader, that you have some respite from the heat and humidity. If you don't have a large, immersive body of cool liquid to slip under to relieve the oppressive effects of late August days, perhaps you just need some distraction. Enter: making a new book. A few months ago I worked with CBC (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as a contributor to their series "CBC Arts Makes", where they invite Canadian artists to produce a video tutorial and accompanying instructions on an afternoon craft that can be easily done at home. Although it some time ago now, I thought I'd share a link here on the blog in the event that it would be useful to you as you start the new Academic year, or fall, or simply need somewhere safe to draw lots of pictures of melting ice cubes to curb your heat-induced angst. Here is a link to the tutorial and the written instructions on how to make a buttonhole stitch notebook.

Many thanks to the team at CBC Arts Makes for letting me a be a part of this cool series and for editing my mediocre, self-shot videos into something both coherent and (I think) engaging. And if you like this one, I would encourage you to check out the other videos in the series with all the other amazing artists and creative folks. As a bonus for reading to the end of this post, here is a link to download the PDF that I put together last year of the infinity fold book. If you have tutorials you'd like to see in the future, comment below and let me know!

Infinity Fold Card_ (1)
Download PDF • 3.37MB

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