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Our Story

Flycatcher Press was founded by Phoebe Todd-Parrish in 2017. 

Phoebe became interested in printmaking in her undergraduate studies. Experimenting with traditional print techniques like lithography and screenprinting. She went on to complete her Masters of Fine art in Printmaking at the University of Alberta where she worked with all fine art printmaking techniques. While in Edmonton, she became interested in letterpress printing through volunteering at a local print studio. Phoebe fell in love with the tactility of designing and printing by hand with type. She has since learned more about letterpress printing in particular from other friends and acquaintances in the letterpress community and put together a fully-outfitted letterpress shop.

Flycatcher Press is located in an industrial studio space in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood. Here, Phoebe produces fine art prints, cards, posters, notebooks, and bespoke stationary. Phoebe loves teaching and spreading the joy of printmaking, and teaches in academic institutions and local printshops. Flycatcher Press will soon host a number of one-on-one and small group workshops. If you'd like us to bring the press to you (great for schools, libraries, or even nerdy parties) we are also ready to do so!
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